Using disk batches

Create a disk batch

Disk batches are created using the Batch Control tool.


If you can't find the Batch Control toolbox when you run KillDisk, make sure that you have the view activated. To do this, navigate to the file menu bar, click View > Batch Control There should be a check mark next to the Batch Control view.

In the Batch Control toolbar, click New. This will open the batch settings window. After configuring the batch settings, click OK in the bottom of the edit window and the new batch will appear in the batch control window.

Adding disks to a disk batch

Available disk bays can be added to existing disk batches in several ways.

Removing disks from a disk batch

Disks are removed from a batch in a very similar way to the way they are attached. Follow the same steps as with Adding disks, only select bays that are attached to batches and select the Detach command.

Deleting batches

Batches can be deleted by selecting the batch in the Batch control toolbar and selecting the Delete command.

Edit batch attributes

Batch attributes can be edited at any time after batch created. See: Edit disk batch attributes


Disk batch attributes changed every time if altered in confirmation dialog before executed.