Add disk bays to disk batch

Disk bays can be assigned to existing disk batches in order to apply same batch attributes for selected tasks (disk examination, erasure, etc).


Single disk bay can belong only to one disk batch at the same time.

Once a new batch is created, a new message will appear at the top of the Disk Bays view of the Disk Explorer window, prompting you to add disks to the new batch.

Figure: Adding disks to a batch in the disk bays view

Click on disks to select them and/or click on selected disk to remove them from the batch disk selection. Once the desired disks are selected, click Done in the message toolbar and the selected disks will be added to the new batch.

Alternatively, disks can be added to a batches in one of several ways:

From Batch control toolbar

Figure: Batch control toolbar

  1. Navigate to the Batch control toolbar
  2. Click the Assign bays button at the top of the toolbar
  3. Select the bays in the Disk Bays view and click Done.

In Disk Bays view

Figure: Batch control through the disk bays view

  1. In the disk bays view, select the disk(s) that you'd like to place in a batch.
  2. Right-click on the disk.
  3. Hover over the Assign option to see a list of available batches.
  4. Select the desired batch from the list to place the selected disk into.

From main file menu bar

Figure: Batch control through the file menu bar

  1. In any view of the Disk Explorer, select the disk bay(s) that needs to be assigned
  2. In the File menu bar, select the Action.
  3. Hover over the Assign action to see a complete list of available batches.
  4. Click on the desired batch. The selected bay(s) will be assigned to that batch.