Certificate Options

These preferences allow the user to customize the erasure certificates with company specific information, technician information, and additional certificate options.

Figure: Certificate Options

Certificate location
Use this option to save erase certificate as file in PDF format to selected location.
File name template
Here you may specify the name template for the erase certificate. To see additional file name tags available, see the File name tags section in the Appendix.
Include company information
Use this option to include all company's information (see section below)
Include technician information
Use this option to include all technician's information (see section below)
Include system info
Ensures that the Operating System-specific information is saved, such as:
  • Operating system
  • Kernel version
  • Architecture
Include hardware info
Ensures that the Chassis-specific information is saved, such as:
  • Motherboard manufacturer
  • Motherboard description
  • Number of processors
Show KillDisk logo on certificate
Displays "Erased by Active@ KillDisk" logo in the certificate at top-right corner

Print Options

Always print certificate after disk erase
Prints erase certificate after erase completion automatically
Skip print preview
Prints erase certificate skipping certificate preview step
Default printer
Select a default printer for printing erase certificates

Company information

This section allows for the user to customize company features like:

Additionally, custom logos can be added by clicking Set and selecting an logo through the file explorer. The logo will be previewed in the Company logo space above. Most image formats are supported: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, etc.

Tip: It is recommended for better results to use company logo with resolution suitable for printing (300dpi) with a side not exceeding 300px.

Technician Information

This section allows for the user to customize technician information: