Disk erase options

The Erase Preferences tab allows for users to configure settings for the KillDisk erase procedures.

Initialize disk(s) after erase

When checked, this setting formats the disk(s) once an erase operation has been completed, initializing them for data storage. Otherwise, the erased disks will simply remain unformatted.

Eject disk(s) after erase
After erasure, disks will be ejected by the OS and safe to remove
Write fingerprint to first sector
Erase confirmation
As a safety precaution to prevent accidental destruction of hard drives, KillDisk has the user type a keyphrase before the erase procedure is initiated (Figure 3.1.6). By default this precaution is set with the keyphrase "ERASE-ALL-DATA". This keyphrase can be modified, set as a randomly generated set of characters, or disabled in these settings.

Figure: Sensitive action confirmation dialog