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KillDisk Ultimate

Software solution for small to medium size sanitation workstations & servers

$99 / installation
$2999 / site license
$4999 / enterprise license

KillDisk Ultimate is an easy-to use tool set allowing to sanitize storage with 20+ international data sanitizing standards including DoD 5220.22 M. Contains apps for Windows and Linux as well as Windows-based, Console-based & Linux-based Boot Disks being able to boot & erase any PC, including old legacy 32-bit systems.

Downloadable package contents:
  • Windows installer & uninstaller
  • Windows executables, 64-bit & 32-bit
  • Windows-based bootable disk (WinPE 10), 64-bit only
  • Linux-based bootable LiveCD/LiveUSB, 64-bit only
  • Linux installation & executable, 64-bit only
  • Console Boot Disk, boots both 64-bit & old 32-bit PCs
  • Universal bootable CD/DVD/BD/ISO/USB disk creator
  • PDF documentation & license
Requirements for installation:
  • Intel-based PC to install to
  • CPU: Intel (r) Pentium+
  • RAM: 512MB+
  • Storage: any type of HDD, SSD or USB
  • OS: Any Windows OS, 64-bit or 32-bit
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KillDisk Industrial

Industrial grade software solution for medium to large size storage servers

from $30 / slot

KillDisk for Industrial Systems is an affordable industrial-grade disk sanitation software solution, supporting parallel erasure of 100+ disks & hot-swap operations to keep sanitization workflow continuous.

Package contents:
  • Product security USB Key
  • Optional bootable LiveUSB
  • Product media DVD containing:
    • Windows installer & uninstaller
    • Linux installer & uninstaller
Recommended Linux platform to install to:
  • Linux: Mint, openSUSE, Ubuntu … (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel (r) Xeon 4+ cores
  • RAM: 8GB+
  • Storage: LSI SAS 9201 16-port controller(s)
  • OS: Linux Mint 17.2+ (64-bit)
Recommended Windows platform to install to:
  • CPU: Intel (r) Xeon 2+ cores
  • RAM: 4GB+
  • Storage: Dell H310 SAS HBA (Non-RAID mode)
  • OS: Windows 8+ or Windows Server 2008+ (64-bit)
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KillDisk Desktop

Hardware workstation for 5 disks sanitation in parallel, fully automated

from $1999

KillDisk Desktop brings a complete and affordable industrial-grade disk examination & sanitation hardware solution in self-contained workstation with fully automated operations to the consumer market.

Package contents:
  • Hardware box for 5 hot-swappable disks + 5 USB slots
  • Cables, Screws, QuickStart & Maintenance guides
  • Product security USB Key
  • Product media DVD containing:
    • User Guides in form of PDF, CHM & HTML
    • Active@ Disk Image - backup&recovery tool
    • Recovery USB disk creator
Support erasing:
  • Hard Disk Drives & Solid State Drives
  • SATA/SATA II/SATA III disks (3.5’’ & 2.5’’)
  • USB flash drives via USB/USB3
  • External HDD/SSD disks via eSATA or USB3
  KillDisk Software KillDisk Industrial KillDisk Desktop

Certified Disk Erase (complete disk's sanitation) for HDD/SSD/USB and Memory Cards


Parallel erasing of multiple disks at the same time


Support for 24 international erase methods including US DoD 5220.22 M


Supports verification, PDF Certificates & XML reports, emailing results, reports customization


Displays and monitors health status for all disks based on a S.M.A.R.T. info


Disk sectors and volumes can be inspected on a low level in advanced Disk Viewer


Controls or stops erase process based on S.M.A.R.T. parameters and disk erase speed


Supports preliminary Disk Examination for bad sectors & Examine Grading


Supports operations over group of disks (Batch operations)


Disk Cloning from different sources available after disk erase is complete


Automatic Mode allows to detect hot-swappable disks & erase automatically


Complete disk sanitation hardware box (no additional peripherals required)


Prints customizable Sticky Labels in different formats for HDDs/SSDs


Supports Command Line scripting and Batch Mode (where no user interaction required)


Disk Wipe sanitation of unused clusters on live volumes available for most file systems


Supports Secure Erase (low-level ATA command) for sanitizing SSD (Solid State Drives) and HDD


Boots and erases old legacy 32-bit PCs (having obsolete x86 architecture)


Ability to start any PC from supplied bootable CD/DVD/BD/USB disk and erase all attached disks


Freeware or Demo product version provided for evaluation



KillDisk Software KillDisk Industrial KillDisk Desktop

Number of disks for parallel erasing

Per # of licenses 5 to 100+ up to 5

Type of hardware to install software to

Any PC Storage Server Configured Box

Software platform to install to

Windows Linux Mint Custom Linux

Usage in business type

Home to Large Recyclers Small to Large

Usage in different physical locations (PCs, offices, branches)

Per # of licenses Single location Single location

from $99.95/lic

from $30/slot

from $1999/box

Enterprise License Site License Corporate License
Price per license $4999 $2999 $99.95
Installs per license Unlimited worldwide Unlimited for one site Can be installed on one PC/Station per purchased license
Erasing disks in parallel Unlimited Unlimited Per # of purchased licenses
Purposes No limitations for usage within all company's offices and branches No limitations for usage at one company's office or branch (one physical location) With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic or government environment
Disks to be erased Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support 599$/yr, 1st year free 299$/yr, 1st year free 15$/yr/license, 1st year free
Free updates Within support time frame Within support time frame Within support time frame

Please contact our Sales Team about:

Please contact our Sales Team about price discounts for Government / Education / Health Care Institutions
Toll Free 1 (877) 403-8082

Product Delivery

All of our products are delivered electronically. After order completion, a download link is immediately available to access the registered version. A follow-up email is also sent within several minutes that includes instructions to access the software in the future.

Ordering with:

mastercard  amex  visa  paypal   Money Order, Purchase Order, Certified Cheque by fax or mail

How does the licensing work?

The software is licensed on a per USB or CD basis. Each license allows you to use the program from a separate USB or CD. If you want to use the program to wipe 5 computers concurrently, you would need USB or CDs, and therefore need a 5 user license.

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