Software Licensing

KillDisk is licensed per concurrent use of the software and for each concurrent disk being erased or wiped outlined in the EULA. The maximum number of disks erased in parallel corresponds to the number of purchased licenses.

One corporate license grants you an ability to run the software on one machine and erase one disk at any given time. To run on several machines in an office (or to erase multiple drives in parallel on one machine) you require the corresponding number of licenses.

Site and Enterprise licenses grant the license holder use of the software in one geographical location and worldwide respectively.

This licensing is maintained through software registration and activation. Once the commercial version of KillDisk is purchased the license holder will receive an email with their Registered Name and Registration Key. Every machine that needs to use the fully-functional version of the software needs to be activated with this key.

Activations are limited to the number of licenses held. To transfer from one machine to another they must be deactivated from decommissioned hardware first.

For boot disks containing KillDisk the Active@ Boot Disk Creator must be registered with a registration key.