Map Network Shares

Map Network Shares is very useful feature when running application under Boot Disk and in Batch Mode. This feature creates a specific local drive letter for remote locations to save logs and certificates to, as well as provides a central location for erase reports to be stored.

To map a network share:

  1. Open Mapping Dialog

    Navigate to File > Map Network Share... from the main menu.

  2. Configure Mapping

    Assign a drive letter, type a network folder location or click Browse button to browse local network and select a proper network share. If sharing policy requires, type user name and password:

    Figure 1: Mapping a Network Drive

    If you want to save configured mapping for future use, make sure Map automatically on program start up is marked.


    KillDisk will identify all connected network drives, so you may use the drop-down list to select the one you'd like to use

  3. Attach a Network Share

    Click OK to attach a network share mapped to the local drive letter.

After your network drive is configured, you may select it as a destination for certificates and reports in Preferences.