Processing CSV Log

Processing CSV Log section allows to configure CSV (Comma-separated values) log file generated by KillDisk and appending there erase results. First line in CSV log file stores column names: Start Time, Device Name and Serial, Erase Result, etc.

Report log file name

Configure location where CSV log file will be stored. You can use mapped network resource as a storage target.

Save to removable media

Exports CSV log file to all detected removable media (USB Flash Disks).

Record pattern
Define a template for each line in CSV log file. The main tags available are:
Available element: Tag:
Disk Serial Number {SerialNumber}
Disk Name {ProductID}
Erase Method {Method}
Start Date {DateStarted}
Start Time {TimeStarted}
Time Elapsed {TimeElapsed}
Erase Result (Success/Failure) {Status}

More tags are available, see the tags section in Appendix.