Secure Erase

The Secure Erase section provides settings' configuration for the Solid State Drive (SSD) specific erase procedures.

Verify erasure
Percentage of disk to be verified after Secure Erase completes.
Initialize disk(s) after erase
Writes proper MBR to disk's first sector after erasure complete. This is needed for disk to be visible and properly accessible by most Operating Systems.
Write fingerprint to first sector
This feature writes the specified fingerprint to the first sector of the erased drive. If erased disk is plugged into the system and system boots from this disk the user will see a message on the screen about the disk being erased by KillDisk.
Erase confirmation
As a safety precaution to prevent accidental removal of disks' data KillDisk uses the user-typed keyphrase mechanism just before the erase procedure is initiated (see below). By default this precaution mechanism is initialized with the key phrase ERASE-ALL-DATA. The key phrase can be modified, configured as a randomly generated set of characters or disabled. The keyphrase should be typed correctly in order to start the erase procedure.