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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for KillDisk Desktop

How to update unit's Operating System to the latest release?

  1. Click here to download, and then unzip installation package
  2. Insert into Windows-based PC any empty USB Flash disk – to be formatted and installation placed onto
  3. Run RAWtoUSB.EXE from the context menu as an Administrator:
    Start RAWtoUSB
  4. Select USB drive to place installation into and click Start:
    Formatting USB media
  5. Wait until formatting is complete and safely Eject the USB
  6. Insert formatted USB Disk into any USB 2.0 port (unit’s back side bottom black ports)
  7. Re-boot KillDisk Desktop system, installation should start automatically. After re-installation – both Operating System and KillDisk Desktop Software should be updated to the latest versions
  8. If installation hasn’t started automatically – go to BIOS (press ESC while boot) and select as a attached USB disk as a first boot device (boot override), then reboot to start installation

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