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4. Running Active@ KillDisk for Linux Console

After you download Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console), you will receive a zipped archive file named This file contains everything you need to get started.

Unpack and read !ReadMe.txt to get understanding of files and utilities being supplied.

The application contains main components:

  • Active@ KillDisk for Linux (Console) — file named KillDisk. You can copy and run this application from your Linux operating system under Super User account (sudo) to erase/wipe out your disks.
  • Bootable CD/DVD/BD ISO – file named KillDisk.iso. Burn this file to blank CD/DVD/BD disc using any burning software to have bootable Linux (Console) media launching KillDisk at start.
  • USB Boot Disk Creator — files named ISOtoUSB.exe (Windows executable) and ISOtoUSB (Linux executable). Run this utility to prepare bootable USB disk using supplied bootable ISO image file.

Using Active@ KillDisk this way allows you to wipe confidential data from the system cache while gaining exclusive use of a partition because the operating system runs outside the partition that you are securing.

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