Batch Mode

Note: This feature is intended for advanced users only

Batch mode allows KillDisk to be executed in fully automated mode without any user interaction. All events and errors (if any) are placed to the log file. This allows system administrators and technicians to automate erase/wipe tasks by creating scripts (*.CMD, *.BAT files) for different scenarios that can be executed later in different environments.

To start KillDisk in batch mode just add the –bm (or -batchmode) command line parameter to the other parameters and execute KillDisk either from the command prompt or by running a script.

Here is an example of Batch mode execution with the wipe command:

KillDisk -wa -bm -em=16

This command will wipe all deleted data and unused clusters on all attached physical disks without any confirmations using most secure Peter Gutmann's method and returning to the command prompt when complete.

If –ns (-nostop) command line parameter is specified no user interaction is possible after erase/wipe action started. So user cannot cancel the command being executed.

After execution application returns exit codes to the OS environment: 0 (zero) if all disks being erased successfully, 1 (one) if errors occurred or nothing erased/wiped, and 2 (two) if minor warnings occurred.