Disk Erase

The Disk Erase tab provides settings' configuration for the KillDisk erase procedures.

Erase method
Choose one of more than 20 sanitizing methods including many international standards and custom patterns
Erase verification
Percentage of disk to be verified after disk erasure

In some erase methods such as the US DoD 5220.22-M this option is mandatory. After the erase operation has completed this feature will scan the entire drive evenly and verify the integrity of the erase operation. This option is the percent of the sectors to check across the disk. Most standards specify 10% as an accurate sample size for the verification.

Eject disk(s) after erase
Ejects the drive after erase (disables write caching on the device for safe hardware remove)
Initialize disk(s) after erase
Writes proper MBR to disk's first sector after erasure complete. This is needed for disk to be visible and accessible by Operating System
Write fingerprint to first sector
This feature writes the specified fingerprint to the first sector of the erased drive. If erased disk is plugged into the system and system boots from this disk the user will see this fingerprint as a message on the screen
Print Erase Labels
This feature prints erase label automatically after erase completion using specific Disk Label Preset configuration
Erase confirmation
As a safety precaution to prevent accidental destruction of hard drives KillDisk uses the user-typed keyphrase mechanism just before the erase procedure is initiated (see below). By default this precaution mechanism is initialized with the key phrase ERASE-ALL-DATA. The key phrase can be modified, configured as a randomly generated set of characters or disabled. The keyphrase should be entered correctly in order to start the erase procedure
Figure 1: Action confirmation dialog