Processing Summary

Once KillDisk finishes processing tasks such as Disk Erase, Secure Erase or Disk Wipe, a Processing Summary dialog appears. It contains all of the information regarding to the operation(s). For example, information which disks were erased, status of erasure, logs and associated certificates and reports.

Figure 1: Example of Processing Summary

Results Overview

Tab contains the following information:

All the devices processed are displayed with their erase status
An actual erase status (success/fail)
Displayed number of errors detected (if any)
Volume or partition description
Erase/Wipe sanitizing method being used
Erase Passes
Number of overwriting passes performed
Started at
Time & date of operation's start
Duration of the operation.

Processing Attributes

Tab contains detailed information about operation status and processing attributes:
Figure 2: Processing Attributes Sample


Tab shows actual processing log:
Figure 3: Log Sample

The Wipe operation will produce a similar processing summary for the Disk Wipe.

Additional actions

Additional processing options and actions are:

Disk Certificate
Status of the saved PDF certificate. Allows user to print certificate (Print button), browse certificate directory with a file browser (Browse button) or examine certificate (Open button).
Print Labels
Examine, customize, change options and print Labels by clicking the Print Labels button.
Disk Processing Report
Status of the saved Disk Processing Report. Examine the disk processing report .xml file (click Browse button to navigate to the containing folder) or preview the report (Open button).