Virtual Disks

KillDisk provides full support for Virtual Disks - dynamic disks created and managed by:
  • Logical Disk Manager (LDM on Windows)
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM on Linux)
  • Windows Storage Spaces (WSS on Windows)
Virtual Disks are virtual devices which look like regular physical disks to all applications. These virtual devices are stored on one or more physical disks and emulate different types of volumes and RAID disk arrays not on a hardware level (inside disk controller), but on Operating System level (software emulation). Virtual devices are fully supported by the KillDisk. These disks will appear in Local Devices view like any other regular disks. When you launch an erase for the virtual disk, the progress is displayed in the same color on all components of the composite virtual drive.
Figure 1: Erasing a Virtual Drive (Striped Disk Array)
Note: By default Virtual Disks are not being displayed in the list of devices. To display Virtual Disks go to Preferences > General Settings and turn on Initialize virtual disks option.