Product Overview

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1. Product Overview

This chapter gives an overview of Active@ KillDisk for Hard Drives application.

Active@ KillDisk is a powerful utility that will:

  • Wipe confidential data from unused space on your hard drive
  • Erase data from partitions or from an entire hard disk
  • Destroy data permanently

Wiping the logical drive's deleted data does not delete existing files and folders. It processes all unoccupied drive space so that data recovery of previously deleted files becomes impossible.

Installed applications and existing data are not touched by this process. Active@ KillDisk wipes unused data residue from file slack space, unused sectors, and unused space in system records or directory records.

When you erase data with Active@ KillDisk, you destroy data permanently by conforming to any one of more than twenty international data sanitizing standards or using your own custom settings.

Wiping drive space or erasing data can take a long time, so perform these operations when the system is not being otherwise utilized. For example, these operations may be run overnight.

If you have several physical hard drives attached to the machine, KillDisk can erase or \wipe them simultaneously (in multi-threaded mode), thus saving you time and work costs.

After erase or wipe actions are completed, KillDisk offers you the options of initializing erased disks, shutting down your computer, saving a log file and the certificate (XML or PDF) , and even sending log files via e-mail to your mailbox. Custom erase or /wipe certificates can be created, using your company logo and attributes.

KillDisk supports command line parameters (what to erase, which method to use, etc… ) and executable exit codes. Application can be run in batch mode, which is fully automated and requires no user interaction.

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