Disk Bays View

This view visually displays the disks configured in the Disk Layout Editor. The bays are grouped by their row, colored by the batch color, and show the current status of the disk. If any operations are being performed on the disk, the operation and progress are displayed.

Figure: Disk Bays view

Customize menu

Show partitions
Show or hide additional layout for partitions and volumes.
Show removable devices
Show or hide additional layout row for removable devices.
Rows as Columns
This setting can be toggled on/off to display the rows (defined by the disk bay layout) as columns in the Disk Bays view.
Vertical Bays
This setting can also be toggled to change the orientation of the bays from horizontal to vertical and backward.
Show Disk Bays in Tree View
Switches Disk Bays view to tree view related to the one confifured in Disk Layout Editor.
Disk Layout Editor
Opens Disk Layout Editor in a separate tab for current layout customization or creating a new layout.