Formatting Disk Bay Layout

Once a disk bay layout is created, there are a number of actions that can be performed to format or manipulate the layout and appearance of the disks in the KillDisk application.

Naming Disk Bays

To make disk bay widgets easier to navigate, they can be renamed by simply double-clicking on the existing bay label and typing in a new name, shown in the Figure below:

Figure: Renaming bays

Changing Row and Bay positioning

Configured bay widgets may be moved around to accommodate changes in physical configuration or fix mistakes in creating the layout. This is done quite simply by selecting the bay that needs to be moved, and clicking the Move Bay Up and Move Bay Down buttons. Similarly, bay rows can be manipulated by selecting the row in question and pressing the Move Row Up and Move Row Down buttons.

Adding more Rows and Bays

Click the Add/Insert Row or Add/Insert Bay toolbar buttons to add row or bay at current position.

Deleting Rows and Bays

Click the Delete Row or Delete Bay toolbar buttons to remove row or bay at current position.

Saving and Reverting changes

Use the Save Layout button to commit any changes to the layout to the application views.
Note: Save Layout will apply current change to the KillDisk session so the changes will be seen in the Disk Bays explorer views and even be loaded in upon future application launch. These changes will not affect the .dbl file, however, so be sure to commit any important changes using the Save Layout command.

Click Layout > Revert Layout to revert any changes you made to the layout.