Linux Requirements

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2.3 System Requirements Active@ KillDisk for Linux

This chapter outlines the minimum requirements for PCs using Active@ KillDisk for Linux.

Personal Computer

  • IBM PC compatible machine
  • Intel Pentium or higher
  • 1 Gb of RAM (Linux GUI version)
  • KDE, Gnome or other Linux Desktops
  • Video: VGA resolution (800 x 600) or better

Operating System:

  • Linux Kernel 2.x or high (Linux version)

Drive Storage System

  • CD/DVD-ROM or Blu-Ray optical drive
  • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 storage device (USB flash disk or external USB disk)
  • Removable media (memory stick, SD card, compact flash, floppy disk)
  • Hard Disk Drive types: IDE, ATA, SSD, SATA, eSATA or SCSI with controllers. Additional drivers can be loaded for RAIDs or non-standard controllers after the system is booted up.

Other Requirements

  • A blank CD/DVD/BD disc for burning an ISO image, or a USB flash card to prepare a bootable USB disk.

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