Automating Erasure

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Automating Erasure with Active@ KillDisk. Tips and suggestions

List of command line options and the KILLDISK.INI file:

Automating tips

Including a custom KILLDISK.INI in a boot image

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Script to locate volume containing KILLDISK.INI

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Automatically mapping a network drive

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Appending a ServiceTag number to Killdisk LOG

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Incorporating KillDisk into your own WinPE (WIM)

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Further notes

Active@ KillDisk is a portable application so it is possible to simply include the contents of the installation folder into a folder of your own WIM.

Append the registration keys to the SETTINGS.INI file as follows:

Name=[Your registered name]

Key=[Your registration key]

Killdisk.exe is a 32bit app and must be run in WinPE 32bit. (A 64bit version of KillDisk is currently not available and 64bit WinPE has no 32 Bit WOW subsystem)

SCCM 2012 has issues importing our custom WIM due to a bootloader incompatibility. Our WIM can be used in SCCM 2007 or simply use your own WIM and incorporate KillDisk into it.

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