Disk Area to Erase

KillDisk has an option to specify a particular area on the disk to erase. To access this feature you have to select the single disk first. In Local Devices view initiate the Erase Disk command.

Figure 1: Erase a Specific Area

Disk area options for the erase are:

Select all disk space
This is a default disk area option and applies to entire disk surface to be erased
Select all volumes
This option erases all existing volumes and partitions on the disk
Select all unallocated space
This option erases only unallocated disk areas, where volumes and partitions do not exist
Select exact disk area
Use sliders on the disk visualization in order to select a particular range of sectors. You can also click on sector numbers and type particular sectors manually.

You may also click on individual partitions and they will be selected for erasure.