KillDisk 13

KillDisk 13 is the most powerful consumer edition released to date. With the development and release of KillDisk Industrial, KillDisk 13 gets benefits from industrial stability, improved disk handling, interface layouts and advanced features including:
  • Enhanced visualization of physical disks and erase processes
  • Improved handling of disks with controller malfunctions
  • Stable handling of hot-swappable and dynamic disks
  • Sound notifications for completed erase jobs with different results
  • Auto hibernate or shutdown the system after all jobs are completed
  • Enhanced certificates and reports for disk erase and wipe
  • Advanced Disk Viewer with flexible Search for low-level disk inspection
  • Customizable file names for certificates & XML reports
  • Unique Computer ID can be displayed in certificates/reports
  • Disk health - S.M.A.R.T. information can be displayed and monitored
  • Customizable look & feel: four different application styles included
  • ATA Secure Erase option for SSDs
New features for version 13 include:
  • Resume Disk erase action to continue interrupted disk erase due to disk malfunction or errors
  • Digitally signed PDF certificate with optional encryption and visual signature presentation
  • Secure Erase (ATA command) implementation for Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Enhanced faulty disks detection and handling
  • Bug fixes and major performance improvements
New features for version 12 include:
  • Customizable Printable Labels
  • Customizable Sound Notifications
  • Redesigned and improved printable Certificates and Reports
  • Disk Serial Number can be properly detected for most scenarios, including disks connected via USB
  • Many other enhancements and stability improvements while working with unstable disks

This release is available as an executable to run in your desktop environment, or in a bootable environment with the help of the Active@ Boot Disk Creator - the bootable disk creation tool included in the installation package.