Register Offline

For this method of activation, you need another PC with a web browser and active Internet connection and a USB flash disk for transferring activation data.
Note: Use this method only if the computer you are activating does not have Internet access.

In some cases such as security reasons or corporate firewalls you may not have access to an Internet connection on the machine you wish to install the software on.

For product registration and activation offline:

  1. Start registration wizard

    On application first start Registration & Licensing dialog launched by default. If freeware software has already been registered, the dialog does not appear at start. In this case click Registration menu item from Help menu.

  2. Select register option
    Select the Register or Upgrade Software radio button. Read the License agreement and activate the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the license. Click Next to proceed with the registration.
    Figure 1: Registration Dialog
  3. Type registration info

    Type your name into Registration Name field, then copy & paste your 30-digit registration key obtained after software purchase into the Registration Key field. The Activation Request and Activation Response boxes will appear:

    Figure 2: Offline Activation Request

    Click Save... to store registration request to a file. Copy this file to a USB drive.

  4. Activate via internet

    Bring the USB drive to a computer with an active Internet connection.

    Open Web browser and navigate to

    Import the request file using the Choose File button and click Load

    Click Process! to generate the Activation Response

    Save the response to your USB drive by clicking Save to *.licenseActivated

    Figure 3: Activate in Browser
  5. Complete activation

    Bring the USB drive to the PC with KillDisk installed and where activation request for offline activation was created.

    Click Load... button to import activation response from .licenseActivated file to the registration window and click Activate button to complete and store offline activation.

    Click Next and Finish buttons to confirm and close registration wizard.

You have now activated the software on your machine than does not have active internet connection.