Registering the Software (Online)

For this task you require an active internet connection on the machine you wish to register the product on.

After installation Active@ KillDisk still starts as FREE version (unregistered). You need to register it first to have all the pro-features activated. To register the software with an active Internet connection do the following:

  1. Select Register or Upgrade Software in the initial Registration & Licensing dialog launched on application start up or click Registration… from the Help menu to access it from the application.
    Figure 1: Accessing the registration window
  2. Select the Register or Upgrade Software radio button
  3. Read the License agreement and activate the check box to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the license
  4. Click Next to proceed with the registration
    Figure 2: Registration window
  5. Copy & Paste your 30-digit registration key into the Registration Key: field
  6. You should receive a response that the software has been registered. The registration is now complete. You may click Next and exit the registration window
    Figure 3: Completed registration
You now have access to the full features of the application.
Note: If your registration key is too long you are using the key for an earlier version. Ensure you update to the latest version by making sure your support and updates are active and use the key to this latest version. This can be done through your client profile.
Note: You can also load registration information from a text file (.INI or .TXT) where the first line is the name and second line is the key.