Edit disk batch attributes

When you create a new disk batch, you will encounter the Edit disk batch window, where disk batch settings may be set. For existing disk batches, you may access this window by selecting the desired batch in the Batch control tool and clicking Edit batch settings.

General attributes

These are general settings for the batch, such as Name, color, how the batch is displayed, and more.

Figure: Batch editor 'General' tab

Disk Erase

These settings configure the disk erase settings for the batch. Erase methods, verification, and report settings can be changed here. Additionally, KillDisk Preferences can be individually configured here by selecting More options....

Figure: Batch editor 'General' tab

Erase Certificate

These settings give you the option to toggle whether or not to issue an erasure certificate upon erase and configure the settings for this, like name, destination, details and comments. Additional configurations can be made to the certificate through the Certificate preferences.

Figure: Batch editor 'General' tab

Disk Examination

These settings allow you to configure the optional Disk Examination feature, toggling it on/off, method of examination, setting disk integrity thresholds and how these reports are saved.

Figure: Batch editor 'General' tab

Disk Clone

This feature allows the user to configure either a disk or disk image to write to all the disks in the batch.

Figure: Batch editor 'General' tab

Error Handling

For each batch error handling attributes can be set individually.

Figure: Batch editor 'Error handling' tab

Read Error Handling for description of each attribute.